Ajuga Feathered Friends 'Parrot Paradise'
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Ajuga Feathered Friends 'Parrot Paradise'

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PLANT TYPE:  Perennial

 SUN EXPOSURE:  Full Shade to part shade

 AVERAGE SIZE: 4"-6", 18"-20"


 DESCRIPTION: Bring striking color to your shady areas with Parrot Paradise Ajuga. Its colorful flamboyant leaves feature three colors on a single plant! Stunning tri-color leaves of bright yellow, orange, and red are topped in spring with beautifully contrasting cobalt-blue flowers.  Its striking foliage adds color all year as it is evergreen. Prefers shade from the hot afternoon sun and even does well in deep shade. Excellent as a low growing ground cover or as an colorful addition to pots. Prefers adequate moisture, but is drought tolerant once established. 4″ tall, 6-8″ in flower. Rabbits don’t touch it! A member of the outstanding Feathered Friends series of Ajuga.

Available in 1 quart pots