Citrus - Ray Ruby Grapefruit 7"
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Citrus - Ray Ruby Grapefruit 7"

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DESCRIPTION: Characterized by several classic grapefruit qualities. It has a very classic sort of citrusy flesh in texture and color, with inner shades ranging from pink to light red. But it is the gradient of the grapefruit segments themselves, with colors turning from these lighter hues to a dark shade near the edges, that sets the Ray Ruby apart from its originator, the Ruby Red, and gives it that “ray” appearance.

The Ray Ruby Grapefruit’s peel also has a distinguished pink blush, but is set apart from many other types of grapefruits by its thickness, being notably thicker than that of many other grapefruits.

In terms of taste, the Ray Ruby variety does have the well widely noted, assertive grapefruit flavor, with that tangy quality that sets grapefruit apart from sweeter varieties of citrus. However, because it is a red variety of grapefruit, the Ray Ruby has lower acidity levels than a white or fully pink grapefruit might, and is therefore on the sweeter side of what you will find amongst the spectrum of grapefruits. The Ray Ruby’s flesh is quite juicy as well, particularly when it reaches optimal ripeness.

Available in 7" pots