Daylily ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’
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Daylily ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’

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Common Name: Daylily ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’

BOTANICAL NAME: Hemerocallis ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’

PLANT TYPE: Perennial

SUN EXPOSURE: Full Sun or Partial Shade  

BLOOM TIME: Mid Summer

AVERAGE SIZE: 24" x 24"


DESCRIPTION: Modern Daylilies are the product of many years of breeding work, resulting in freely blooming plants of the easiest garden culture. They form dense clumps of grassy foliage, with upright stems of trumpet flowers. This reblooming selection bears large, fragrant, pink flowers with a strawberry-rose eyezone, above a green throat. Blooms in early summer and again in early fall. Semi-evergreen. Plants do not usually require dividing for several years, but are easily split apart in fall or early spring. Spent flower stems can be trimmed back after flowers are finished. Remove old foliage in late fall. Flowers are edible.

Available in 1 Gallon pots