Heucherella ‘Onyx’
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Heucherella ‘Onyx’

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Common Name: Foamy Bells ‘Onyx’

BOTANICAL NAME: Heucherella ‘Onyx’

PLANT TYPE: Perennial

SUN EXPOSURE:  Partial Shade or Full Shade

BLOOM TIME: Partial Shade or Full Shade

AVERAGE SIZE: 10" x 16"


DESCRIPTION: A hybrid between Coral Bells and Foam Flower, combining the best traits of both into one plant. This selection produces a dense, medium size mound of near black, glossy, deeply cut leaves. Loves heat and humidity but great in the northwest. Shy to bloom – always stays neat and clean. Great for mixed containers. Nice choice for the woodland garden, for edging in a shady perennial border and the rock garden. Evergreen in mild winter regions. Foliage should not be trimmed back in the fall, but plants may be tidied up in spring by removing any withered or tired-looking leaves.

Available in 1 Gallon pots