Foxglove 'Camelot Lavender'
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Foxglove 'Camelot Lavender'

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BOTANNNNICAL NAME: Digitalis purpurea 'Camelot Lavender'

DESCRIPTION: This is a unique selection of Foxglove, bearing tall spikes of soft lavender-mauve bells, each spotted inside with maroon purple. Buds begin a creamy-yellow colour. Unlike other types, ‘Camelot’ Foxgloves flower in both the first and second year before eventually setting seed and dying. Deadhead first-year blooms to encourage overwintering. These perform best in a rich, moist soil. Allow plants to form seed in the second year and they may self-sow to produce future generations. New seedlings that appear can be easily moved in their first season, while still small. Plants may need to be staked. CAUTION: Toxic if eaten.

Available in 2 gallon pots