Periwinkle 'Illumination'
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Periwinkle 'Illumination'

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BOTANICAL NAME: Vinca 'Illumination' Illumination Myrtle 

DESCRIPTION: This vinca radiates a stunning effect with its gold center and dark green margin, virtually illuminating the landscape. It is great for lightening up those dark, shady areas of the garden. It also is an excellent choice for mixed container plantings where it can cascade like golden ribbons over the edges. The large, bright lavender-blue flowers that appear in spring are an added bonus.

Vinca spreads by creeping across the ground and rooting at each node that touches the surface. This makes it an excellent plant to use for erosion control on slopes. 'Illumination' PP12132 is the most vigorous of all the variegated forms, spreading quickly to form a dense carpet of gold.

Available in 1 quart pots.