Iceburg Alley Sageleaf Willow
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Iceburg Alley Sageleaf Willow

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Iceberg Alley , a native plant discovered in Canada, is a cold hardy shrub that makes a great addition to any cold climate landscape. This shrub’s powdery, silver foliage adds unique texture and contrast, especially when combined with other plants. Iceberg Alley® reaches a height and spread of about 5’ (a bit shorter in very cold areas and a bit taller in warmer zones) forming an attractive upright and rounded shape that fits beautifully into the landscape. It blooms in spring with silver catkins with red stamens, providing nectar for pollinators. Iceberg Alley® is tolerant of moist soils and a great choice for rain gardens. It grows best in full sun and tolerates pruning beautifully, so you can feature stems in cut flower arrangements throughout the seasons.

Available in 2 gallon pots.