Yarrow 'Sassy Summer Lemon'
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Yarrow 'Sassy Summer Lemon'

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BOTANNICAL NAME: Achillea 'Sassy Summer Lemon' PP31693

Common Name: Yarrow 

You'll love this collection of Yarrow due to each member's taller, more substantial presence than other Achillea on the market. Although they have a taller height, all members have sturdy flower stems that will look great throughout the season of its bloom. With a range of beautiful colors, such as yellow, red, pink, and orange, you'll definitely find something that fits your needs.

Not only will you love the huge flower heads of bright, sunny yellow blooms, but you'll be equally delighted by its early bloom time-this is the first of the collection to bloom.

Yarrow is one of the easiest perennials to grow and is a good choice for beginners. All it needs is full sun and well-drained soil. These plants are an excellent balance of finely textured foliage and bright flower colors. The wide, flat flower clusters are popular landing pads with pollinators.

Available in 1 gallon pots